Google Analytics Expert

If you want to optimize your conversion rate, you need to track it correctly first. One coding error can dramatically change the picture. Hire the Google Analytics expert to rule your business analytics.

Services to make your data correct and useful

1. Auditing your Google Analytics configurationto make sure that everything is tracked correctly

2. Planning the analytics strategy — to find out what you need to measure to achieve the result and which tools you should integrate with your GA

3. Implementing Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce — to track more accurately the customer journey if you’re the e-commerce business owner

4. Customizing your Google Analytics — so you can see detailed reporting on key metrics which matter for your business

5. Regularly managing your website analytics — to track what your money is spent on and how effective your ad campaigns are

About me

Hi, I’m Ruslan Konygin, certified Google Analytics expert. I’ll audit your data, give recommendations, and execute the analytics plan, which will eventually lead you to more conversions.


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websites with managed analytics issues


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Reviews about my work

Below you’ll find out how some of my clients evaluate the job I’ve done for them. I’ve kept the style and spelling of the original texts.

“Ruslan is very technical and has a deep understanding of the factors involved with google analytics and how to check that your data is accurate. i would recommend him for any job which requires a true understanding of website analytics tracking.”

“We enjoyed working with Ruslan. His communication skills and attention to detail are outstanding. We now have a comprehensive reporting set up in Google Analytics. I highly recommend hiring Ruslan as the freelancer.”

“Ruslan was a pleasure to work with; great communication, wasn’t afraid to ask questions and interrogate the requirements or the project and had a deep technical skill set that he applied to problem solving our needs. I’d highly recommend Ruslan and would not hesitate to engage him again if we have such a need.”

“Really helped us understand our GA data and where we had some issues.”

“Ruslan is a fantastic person to work with. We are a well established SaaS company and had a problem with a conversion not registering. We hired him to help us fix this, along with a series of other things. Ruslan went above and beyond – from tackling the problem, to his communication, and availability. I highly recommend working with Ruslan – we prolonged from ending the contract, and kept trying to find new work!

“Simply put: Ruslan is one of my best hires ever. The advantage of having Ruslan work on a project goes above and beyond just his sharp skills with Google Analytics/GTM. Within a few days of hiring him, it felt like he had been working with us for months. He truly took the time to understand every aspect of our requirement, and even introduced us to new ideas that ended up being very beneficial to our project. In summary, he is an extraordinary professional! Just hire him and you will agree.”

Contact me, and I’ll help you with Google Analytics issues!