Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Implementation

For e-commerce business owners who want to increase their sales

If you sell products or services on your website, you probably want to sell it more effectively. And for this you need data. You need to see why some of your users don’t buy and what to do about it. Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce can help you with that.

How to take advantage of GA Enhanced Ecommerce?

1. Analyze shopping behavior

Find out how many times users view your products, add them to cart, proceed to the checkout, and complete transactions. When you know exactly on which stage you’re losing your customers, you can make more thoughtful, well-considered decisions and get the best result.

2. Do not lose your customers at the checkout stage

If users need to log in before checkout or the shipping address form isn’t responsive — this won’t do any good to your revenue. See these details, fix them, and get more customers.

3. Know which products are your power

With Enhanced Ecommerce, you can see data for each product — views, adds to cart, transactions. Promote your most popular products to gain more customers.

4. Make your marketing campaigns super effective

Learn how efficient your external marketing campaigns are and stop wasting money on the wrong traffic sources. Also, you can see which internal marketing activities of yours (banners, coupons) have boosted your sales.

5. Deal with refunds automatically

Enhanced Ecommerce will recalculate your revenue, and you will never experience discrepancies between data on dashboards and actual money.

How I will help you?

  • Implement Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce and set up features your business needs
  • Make sure all the tracking is correct
  • Analyze the collected data and suggest optimization strategy based on it
  • If needed, I can implement dataLayer for tracking not only Enhanced Ecommerce events but events for other tools as well. For example, Facebook Standard events, tags for Criteo, Google Ads Remarketing.


Contact me using the form below, and I’ll make the data work for you.