Hi, I’m Ruslan, certified expert in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. I’ll help you better understand and use your Google Analytics data.

Since the year of 2012, I’ve been providing help in making business decisions and optimizing parts of the sales funnel for E-commerce and other companies. The ultimate goal is to increase the client’s revenue and return on investment (ROI). I’ve already managed more than 100+ projects.

We’ll get along if:

  1. You want to set up Google Analytics properly or audit your account to make sure you’re not losing any valuable information;
  2. You want to take your business to a higher level by implementing Enhanced Ecommerce and Google Tag Manager;
  3. You want to understand your data and access it at any moment. Visualized in beautiful dashboards, your data will become much easier to use;
  4. You want to create an analytics strategy and figure out which KPI’s and features are important for your business.

How it all started

I first started programming at the age of 15. In 2009, I’ve started study web-technologies, including HTML, CSS, PHP, JS. From 2011 through 2013 I’ve been working as a developer and web-analyst in a digital marketing agency. That was the moment I got impressed by how Google Analytics can aid the online part of the business. Since 2013 I’ve been providing Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager consulting services on Upwork, world’s largest online freelance workplace.

Working with clients

I work only on GA and GTM projects and take 3-4 clients at the time maximum. It helps me to stay focused, quickly respond to my clients, and perform the best result. You can read my clients’ testimonials on this page or my Upwork profile.

If you need a specialist, who can dig into your analytics issues and make data work for your business, leave me a message in the form below. You can also reach me on Facebook, LinkedIn if it’s more convenient for you.

Contact me, and I’ll make the data work for you!