Exceptional Google Analytics reporting

If your tracking is working properly – you have trustworthy Google Analytics 4 data.

Now you need to report it.

Ideally, your reports should meet the following criteria:

  • Be accessible in a few clicks;
  • Be based on your business KPIs/metrics/dimensions;
  • Be comprehensive, but not overloaded at the same time;
  • Have all necessary filters;

What you may realize is that you can’t find “usual” reports, dashboards, metrics, or dimensions that were easily accessible in Universal Analytics.

And you need to spend time and energy to re-create some of them or find what you need.

Google Analytics reporting

How we can help

Your data should solve your problems, not create new ones.

We can help you visualize it in reports and dashboards, so you easily will access it.

There are a few options for how we can help:

Option 1: Reporting in Google Analytics 4

Data source: Google Analytics 4.

We will use Google Analytics 4 Custom Reports and/or Explorations to visualize your data.

Option 2: Reporting in Looker Studio(former Google Data Studio)

Data sources: Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, Google Search Console, Google Sheets, BigQuery.

Also, using free or paid connectors, you can have more data sources(Facebook, TikTok, Ahrefs, etc.).

Looker –  is one of our favorite tools as it allows having several data sources.

Also, it is very flexible for using various data filters, data pickers, your corporate design, and so on.

Finally, if you need to share access to a dashboard with somebody, you can just send them a link to the dashboard.

Option 3: Custom reporting(using Google Analytics API)

You may need this option if you want to create a fully custom reporting solution.
For example:

  • Share a piece of Google Analytics 4 data on the corporate portal for logged-in users only.
  • Or have complex calculations and manipulation with data before visualization.
  • Or aggregate data from various websites and show them in one dashboard(we have such cases too).


Before visualizing your data you should collect it.

If you think you already have it in place – we need to check this.
If some parts of it are missing – we should take a few steps back and Audit your GA4, or create Measurement Strategy, or Configure the tracking.


Reporting in Looker (formerly Google Data Studio) for E-commerce.

How much? How long?

Each business is exclusive and needs unique reports.

So the price and time for completion depends on your situation.

Please, fill out the form below and briefly explain your needs – and we will ask questions to better understand, how can we solve them.

Sounds interesting! What’s next?

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