Data visualization(Google Data Studio, Google Analytics API)

Charts, tables, and diagrams are not just a beautiful addition to complicated and confusing numbers. It’s those numbers itself but in more understandable, visual form.

Why you need your data visualized

  • It will transform numbers which can quickly lead you to frustration into tables and charts. Such form makes it much simpler to analyze data and trends, especially in a long-term perspective.
  • Data integration from different sources: Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Spreadsheets(for example, PPC costs data, pulled manually), call-tracking system, etc.
  • You have it all in one place: add a dashboard to your bookmarks, open and check when needed, then close. You do not need to look for some magic button to filter your data and not to break anything.

We can make your data work better for you.

Here is how we usually do it:

  1. Together we analyze what KPIs, charts, and tables you want to see on your dashboard. We create a template if you don’t have it already.
  2. We’ll choose the most suitable dashboard tool. Usually, we work with Google Data Studio, Google Spreadsheets (Google Spreadsheets API + Google Analytics API) or custom Python/PHP/Node.js/JavaScript applications, based on Google Analytics APIs.
  1. In case the current data is not enough to create dashboards, we’ll set up for data collection (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook). We do all the necessary programming or write a manual for your developers.
  2. Set up the dashboard tool. If we’re using Google Data Studio, we’ll set it up right in the interface. With other tools, it will be necessary to do some programming (we can do it on our own or in collaboration with your developers).

Let’s make your data more understandable, illustrative and reliable!


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