Masterful Google Analytics 4 Implementation

Google Analytics 4 is a great tool that requires some attention and effort for its configuration.

Ideally, you should establish solid basic GA4 tracking, collect all necessary events along with parameters, and ensure that it’s all aligned with your business goals.

With 11 years of experience in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager consulting, our company can help you!

How we help you with Google Analytics 4 tracking configuration

How this ideally should work:

Stage 1: Google Analytics 4 Audit

What you’ll get: a document with 30-50 GA4 configuration items checked, along with recommendations.

Stage 2: Measurement Strategy

What you’ll get: a roadmap of events and parameters that are meaningful for your business. In some cases, we can also create UTM-tagging guidelines.

Stage 3(this stage): Implementation

We can split this into two parts:

  • Implementation of the new tracking features.
  • Fixing issues that you are aware of and/or that we identified in the audit.”

Stage 4: Reporting

What you’ll get: reports or dashboards in GA4 or Looker Studio with meaningful data, accessible in just a few clicks.

What tasks can we solve?

We’ve successfully tackled real-life examples of tasks for our clients, which you may also encounter, such as:

  • Enhanced E-commerce tracking implementation
  • Integration of Google Analytics 4 with CRM, BigQuery, and databases
  • Tracking offline conversions via Measurement Protocol API
  • Sending data for changed deal status (“lead” → “sale”) from CRM to GA4
  • Cross-domain tracking configuration
  • Using Google Analytics API for building custom dashboards
  • Connecting Google Analytics and Google Sheets for creating automated custom reports
  • Tracking blog reading/performance
  • Configuration of various Google Analytics plugins
  • Forms submissions tracking
  • Call-tracking

… and much more – you get the idea.

We possess great technical expertise and can assist with tasks of any complexity.

What will you get as a result?

  • Instructions for developers: Logic of events, structure of dataLayers
  • Google Analytics 4 interface configuration
  • Google Tag Manager interface configuration
  • Fixing issues
  • [Optional] Configuration of other pixels in GTM: Facebook, TikTok, Bing, LinkedIn, etc.

As the final output, you will have reliable data and a GA+GTM setup that will work for years.


“This was our second time working with Ruslan and he did the job quickly and professionally to a very high standard, going above and beyond our original job description to give us results we are really happy with. We will continue to work with Ruslan any time we need similar work done”

Ruslan is a professional at analysing website tracking solutions. He provided us clear report and suggestions about how to fix our current tracking problems. It’s easy to communicate with him and we would like to work with him in the future if we have new projects.”

“Ruslan was great to work with and helped us achieve a custom solution for tracking google ads phone calls. Will use him in the future if we need GA4, UA or GTM help. Thanks”

“Ruslan was amazingly helpful and professional during this process. He went above and beyond to make sure to explain all of our options. He worked with me to make sure our marketing and sales data was correct. He also worked with our developer to make sure all code was installed correctly. He was patient and kind. Highly recommend.”

“Ruslan is very knowledgeable and was extremely responsive and very pleasant and easy to work with. He has produced the deliverables we had set out and would 100% work together again.”

You can find many more reviews from our happy clients on a separate page.


The most powerful case is when we revisit a client’s Google Analytics account four years after completing our work, and everything functions as expected.

While we can’t provide the data or display the exact setup, we can share a few examples of documents created for our clients. These documents primarily consist of instructions for developers, as we often collaborate closely with them.

I am interested, what’s next?

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