Below are reviews of our work from our happy clients. The project names and the reviews themselves are provided unchanged.

Project: “Help with setting up google tag manager and google ad conversions”

“Ruslan was prompt, professional, and patient in helping someone less experienced understand the available options and strategies. I would recommend him!”

Project: “Google Analytics 4 Set Up”

“We will work with Ruslan again.”

Project: “Google Analytics + Clickbank Expert”

“Ruslan was great to work with!”

Project: “Google Analytics Conversion Tracking for Three Landing Pages”

“This was our second time working with Ruslan and he did the job quickly and professionally to a very high standard, going above and beyond our original job description to give us results we are really happy with. We will continue to work with Ruslan any time we need similar work done”

Project: “Website tracking auditing”

Project: “Website tracking auditing”

“Ruslan is a professional at analysing website tracking solutions. He provided us clear report and suggestions about how to fix our current tracking problems. It’s easy to communicate with him and we would like to work with him in the future if we have new projects.”

Project: “Set up Google Analytics for UTM Parameter and Purchase Conversion tracking”

“Ruslan was amazing to work with. He went above and beyond to ensure we had what we needed in setting up GA and Tag Manager Conversion Tracking for a specific campaign. Would highly recommend and will happily work with again”

Project: “Google Tag Manager custom html function”

“Ruslan came with a fresh approach to our GTM issue and solved it professionaly. Will use his services for sure in the future.”

Project: “Google Analytics/Ads Phone and Form Tracking”

“Ruslan was great to work with and helped us achieve a custom solution for tracking google ads phone calls. Will use him in the future if we need GA4, UA or GTM help. Thanks”

Project: “Google Analytics/Search Console Set up/Audit”

“Ruslan is very knowledgeable and was extremely responsive and very pleasant and easy to work with. He has produced the deliverables we had set out and would 100% work together again.”

Project: “Google Tag Manager – Ecommerce”

“Ruslan was amazingly helpful and professional during this process. He went above and beyond to make sure to explain all of our options. He worked with me to make sure our marketing and sales data was correct. He also worked with our developer to make sure all code was installed correctly. He was patient and kind. Highly recommend.”

Project: “Google Analytics Landing Page Optimization”

“Ruslan was great, very knowledgeable and responded quickly to all my communication.”

Project: “Google Ads Conversion Tracking Stopped Working (Shopify)”

“Ruslan knows his stuff.”

Project: “Google Tag Manager setup, Google Analytics optimization”

“Ruslan was very thorough, very information, and provided great value to my project and company with the work he completed with us. He was able to answer all questions I have, provide suggestions and insights I wouldn’t have known or thought about, and executed to completion all projects and tasks I gave to him. Definitely recommend Ruslan if you’re looking for a Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager expert.”

Project: “Google Analytics Account setup audit and strategy going forward for growing e-commerce website”

“Ruslan was very meticulous, detailed and analytical in his work and even though it was a small and simple job from our side, took it very seriously. We valued his approach and gave us the comfort that it lay a good foundation for our work going forward. In addition, he also gave recommendations which were suitable for our size of the business and slightly beyond his scope of work from his perspective to contribute to the overall goal. Good luck Ruslan and we will sure to reach out to you again, hopefully soon!”

Project: “Google analytics / Ecommerce set up tracking”

Google analytics / Ecommerce set up tracking

Project: “**URGENT Google Analytics Specialist to fix Goal Funnels Setup needed**”

“Recommended! Was able to diagnose issues and explain what changes we needed to implement. Had a way of explaining technical stuff that made it easier for us to understand. Thanks!”

Project: “Google Ads Conversion Tracking Through iframe”

“I cannot recommend Ruslan enough. If you need an expert in Google Analytics/Tag Manager, he is your guy. We will be hiring him again in the future should the need arise. He was very communicative. He provided great insights into various possibilities in terms of strategy going forward and the pros/cons of each. He was upfront about the project’s limitations, and how much time it would take to enact the various strategies he provided. His English was great and he communicated in a way that made complex, technical ideas very easy to understand. Again this proves his expertise. He was very efficient in his time and exceeded our expectations in terms of deadlines. Overall, he seems like a great guy and I really enjoyed working with him.”

Project: “Google Analytics expert and developer”

“Stellar person and fantastic work ! I could only recommend Ruslan !”

Project: “Ecommerce Google Analytics Expert for Audit and Analysis”

“Ruslan is very technical and has a deep understanding of the factors involved with google analytics and how to check that your data is accurate. i would recommend him for any job which requires a true understanding of website analytics tracking.”

Project: “Enhanced Ecommerce Set Up”

“We enjoyed working with Ruslan. His communication skills and attention to detail are outstanding. We now have a comprehensive reporting set up in Google Analytics. I highly recommend hiring Ruslan as the freelancer.”

Project: “GA setup”

“Ruslan did an awesome job. Needed the job done quickly and provided a very detailed report.”

Project: “GA and GTM setup”

“Ruslan was a pleasure to work with; great communication, wasn’t afraid to ask questions and interrogate the requirements or the project and had a deep technical skill set that he applied to problem solving our needs. I’d highly recommend Ruslan and would not hesitate to engage him again if we have such a need.”

Project: “Google Analytics Expert Needed for Additional Setup (Conversion Goals)”

“Really helped us understand our GA data and where we had some issues.”

Project: “Google Analytics for Click Tracking on Site”

“Thanks for your speedy assistance with this and walking me through the integration. Greatly appreciated.”

Project: “Analyze Google Analytics & Setup Conversion Tracking to work properly”

“Ruslan is a fantastic person to work with. We are a well established SaaS company and had a problem with a conversion not registering. We hired him to help us fix this, along with a series of other things. Ruslan went above and beyond – from tackling the problem, to his communication, and availability. I highly recommend working with Ruslan – we prolonged from ending the contract, and kept trying to find new work!”

Project: “Set up Google Analytics and Google Optimize and Tracking [Funnel Flux/Voluum]”

“Ruslan was great to work with in setting up tracking. He was able to ask the right questions to develop a detailed plan that would work with our system. We didn’t get a chance to implement because of other challenges on our end that we need to resolve first, couldn’t have caught it without Ruslan,”

Project: “Advanced Google Tag Manager Expert For Tracking & E-commerce”

“Great experience working with Ruslan, he is responsive and paid attention to detail.”

Project: “Investigate User Behaviour and Navigation Flow: Google Analytics”

“Ruslan provided a high quality, fully comprehensive service that we were very impressed by. He was in regular contact with us to ensure he delivered exactly what we asked for. We will be working with Ruslan again in the future.”

Project: “Looking for Senior Google Analytics & Data Expert”

“Great Job – Thank You Ruslan! We’ll be in touch again soon no doubt!”

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