Ultimate Google Analytics 4 Audit

Let’s say you have Google Analytics 4 tracking. You use it to collect data, analyze, and visualize it.

You may find yourself in one of two situations:

  • You think your tracking is good.
  • You know something is wrong.

Scenario one: You think your tracking is good

This might indeed be the case, especially in scenarios where only basic tracking is used, which can function “normally”. Additionally, some plugins perform exceptionally well for both simple and complex setups.

Here, we can help to verify your setup’s integrity and conduct a health check. This ensures confidence in your tracking and the accuracy of your data. As a business owner, it’s impossible to be well-versed in every tool used, which can lead to overlooked critical details—a common occurrence.

Scenario two: You know something is wrong

You’re aware of inaccuracies or even specific problems that need resolution. Often, what we see is just the tip of the iceberg, with multiple underlying issues.

For example:

  • You notice a discrepancy between Revenue in GA4 and your CRM.
  • You encounter a significant amount of (Unassigned) traffic and are unsure of its source.
  • You run Google Ads campaigns based on GA4 conversions, but the outcomes are disappointing.

Why you may need an Audit?

The quality of the data is crucial, as your business decisions depend on it.

Incorrect data leads to wrong business decisions.

Honestly, it’s better to have no GA4 data at all than to rely on inaccurate data.

What might be wrong?

Poor cross-domain tracking. Incorrect attribution. Messed up UTM-tagging. Wrong integration with traffic sources. Missing tracking snippets on pages. Duplicate tracking snippets. Inaccurate conversion tracking. Issues with events and conversions, among others. And so on.

If the data is bad, the decisions based on it will be bad too.

How can we help?

We can review your Google Analytics 4 configuration using our checklists and 12 years of experience in this niche.

What will you receive?

The deliverable is a document reviewing 30-40 GA4 configuration items, detailing the following aspects:

  • What is good;
  • What is bad;
  • What is bad but not important;
  • Recommendations;
  • Summary.

Additionally, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have after receiving the document.

Why do you need this now?

The sooner you identify the problem, the sooner you can fix it.

The sooner you start collecting reliable data.

You could delay this process for 3 months, but if there are issues with GA4, they won’t simply vanish. You’d just accumulate 3 more months of inaccurate data.

On the other hand, if everything is fine, the audit will confirm that you can trust your GA4 data. However, from our experience, there’s always something amiss, though not all issues may be critical for your team.

How much?

The price starts at $2399 for one GA4 Account → Property → Data Stream.

Based on our experience, you probably won’t need more than one, but everything is negotiable.

Please describe your situation in the form below.

How long?

This will take 5-10 business days, depending on the nature of your business. For example, e-commerce websites may require more work.

If you need this completed more quickly, we can prioritize your project, but the price will be higher.

What are the next steps?

What happens after you receive the Audit?

We can work on a Google Analytics Strategy (if you need it), Implementation (fixing issues, configuring new tracking), or Reporting.


If you believe you need more assistance beyond the GA4 Audit (for long-term collaboration) – you can ask for a 10% discount on the audit 😉 Please, don’t forget to mention it in the form.

This is a temporary offer that may be withdrawn later since we are a small team and can only serve a limited number of companies. And some slots are already occupied by our long-term clients.


Here you can read what our other clients have to say about our work:

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“Ruslan is very knowledgeable and was extremely responsive and very pleasant and easy to work with. He has produced the deliverables we had set out and would 100% work together again.”

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“Ruslan was very meticulous, detailed and analytical in his work and even though it was a small and simple job from our side, took it very seriously. We valued his approach and gave us the comfort that it lay a good foundation for our work going forward. In addition, he also gave recommendations which were suitable for our size of the business and slightly beyond his scope of work from his perspective to contribute to the overall goal. Good luck Ruslan and we will sure to reach out to you again, hopefully soon!”

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