Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization – is a great way to raise your revenue.

With the same PPC-budget or organic traffic volume.

Why do you need it?

Let’s say you have $300k monthly revenue and Conversion Rate=1%.
So one percent of website visitors convert into sales or leads.

What happens if you raise it from 1% to 1.2%?

Your revenue will grow from $300k to $360k!

Magic? Just simple math.

How to improve my conversion rate?

Well, this part is about a complex work.

Generally, we need:

  1. Check your data collection quality(at least Google Analytics).
  2. Analyze this data: quantitative and qualitative(if we have it).
  3. Take a closer look at your website and Sales Funnel(my UX/UI-partners help us with that).
  4. Create a list of hypotheses that improve the funnel for users. (Example: “We think that using 3 form fields instead of 5 increases conversion rate”).
  5. Choose one hypothesis for the testing
  6. Create a shortlist of variations(1-4)  for this hypothesis. Implement these variations: creating new versions of existing pages or using A/B-testing tools.
  7. Run A/B-testing(to prove the hypothesis by numbers).
  8. Wait for results. If a new variation works better than the existing one – implement it on the website.
  9. Repeat.

How can I help?

We can work at points 1-9 above with your team.

Tools we will use: 

  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for web analytics. 
  • Hotjar, FullStory, MouseFlow, or LuckyOrange for screen-recordings and heatmaps analysis;
  • Google Optimize, VWO, or Optimizely for A/B-testing;

Sounds interesting?

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I will reply and let you know how we can work together.