Google Tag Manager consulting

If you’re using different tools for data collection (Google Analytics, Google Dynamic Remarketing, Facebook Pixel, etc.), it would be easier to manage all of them in Google Tag Manager interface. It allows you to keep all of your tags in one place, add them by yourself without any trouble, test changes before publishing, and be more independent from your developers.

I’ll help you to migrate your tags to Google Tag Manager without damaging the accuracy of your data. With this tool, future updates will be much easier to implement — and you will save your time and money.

What I can do for you

  • Help with Google Tag Manager basic configuration and do all the programming;
  • Implement the dataLayer on your website which will allow you to track Google Analytics and use it in other tools. Like Google Dynamic Remarketing, Facebook Pixel(basic and conversions tracking, Standard events) and other pixels(LinkedIn, Bing, Criteo, etc.);
  • Write a manual for your developers or implement all changes myself.


Contact me using the form below, and I’ll make the data work for you!