How to write product descriptions that actually sell

Even when it comes to something like e-commerce people tend to ponder: “What’s in a name?”. The ability to come up with a product name that will not only capture a customers’ attention but also describe a product correctly comes with either hard-gained skills or great intuition. It is just one of many necessary steps towards fruitfully selling a product, but we’re not going to be focusing on this one in particular and instead talk about something behind the name and a product itself – a description.

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Why do you need Google Analytics Audit?

From Triodox experience, 70-80% of clients’ Google Analytics accounts have some problems. These problems are most likely to occur when the initial configuration was wrong or when the client isn’t regularly keeping track of his GA account health.

If you have GA account just for show, don’t hesitate to skip this article — it probably has no value for you. But if you make important business decisions based on those numbers in your GA reports, stay with me.

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